Night views from the Singapore Flyer

Should I say it is night views? Actually pictures below were token in the morning about 6am, a special trip organized by church to Singapore flyer.

View from Singapore flyer

…some aerial views of Marina Bay and esplanade from the Singapore Flyer,

 View from Singapore flyer

…it's a wonderful sensation. Standing at a stunning 165m from the ground, enjoy the breathtaking, panoramic views of the Marina Bay, our island city and beyond.

View from Singapore flyer

It was unfortunate that my camera is not good enough to capture the wonderful scenery.

View from Singapore flyer

This is my world-Singapore!

View from Singapore flyer

…and this is my favorite one to use for the post One single impress: pensive.

7 Responses to "Night views from the Singapore Flyer"

Junneth (visit their site)

Wow! Splendid scene! Nice post.

aka Penelope (visit their site)

Thank you for sharing your magical morning photos. The lights began the day with a special glow that comes through very nicely in your photos!

Al (visit their site)

That looks awesome. It would be an amazing place to see the sunrise.

J Bar (visit their site)

Cool. I've been up there. :)

BraCom (Bram) (visit their site)

Thank you for sharing these stunning night photos

Have a nice week,
Greetings, Bram

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Lucka (visit their site)

Amazing night scene. Especially the first

Gwendolyn L (visit their site)

Beautiful "night" photos. I enjoyed seeing your city. Thanks for sharing.