One single impression : empty

When love become an option in life
Survival is the priority
We all live like an empty shell
That once held the promises and trust inside
It is now an empty shell

When love fades in the wind,
Trust betrayed by empty promise
More empty shells
Hidden all the pensive soul
On the low tide beach

Precious moments couldn't be reversed
Life is not yet like the system
Can be restored when data crash
Memories can’t be emptied by a delete button
Time flies without knowing we are lost
Live our life like those empty shell

Contribution for One Single Impression hosted by Andrée and SandyCarlson

9 Responses to "One single impression : empty"

EG Wow (visit their site)

Beautiful, sad...and very true.

Leo (visit their site)

WOW.. sad, yet the verse was well written :)

Rumya (visit their site)

Whole heartedly agree with you!! Love the comparisons. Loved the line:
"Precious moments couldn't be reversed"

Nanka (visit their site)

Love the narration and the way you have written for the prompt Empty.
Lovely lines these:
"Trust betrayed by empty promise" and "Precious moments couldn't be reversed" and "Memories can’t be emptied by a delete button"

Ramesh Sood (visit their site)

Oh I always wished there was a delete, a refresh, a save, and may be a permanently delete button in our lives..would be so much.. good or bad.. or boring.. don't know.. but interesting it will..restoring from recycle bin would be something really..well said..

Tumblewords: (visit their site)

Creative form - good choice of photos and words!

ms pie (visit their site)

love the comparisons of shells and bytes and how life is uncontainable...

Geraldine (visit their site)

Very sad but beautifully written.
Well done!

OSI (visit their site)

Well done, indeed. I think the restoring of the system is not a very systematic process!