Sengkang Swimming Complex

Sengkang Swimming Complex as known as Anchorvale swimming complex, or Sengkang Sports and Recreation Centre, it has become one of the most popular swimming complex in Singapore since it's opening. It has 2 olympic swimming pools inside.
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5 Responses to "Sengkang Swimming Complex"

leavesnbloom (visit their site)

Oh the colours in the reflection are lovely and bright. Great shot.

from Centre of Interest photoblog

VioletSky (visit their site)

that is one very bright shad eof yellow!

michael (visit their site)

So appropriate to have the water in front of the swimming complex. Well done.

John McDevitt (visit their site)

Nice shot. I like the colors and the reflections.

Elisa (visit their site)

Wonderful view!
Best regards from Argentina