Shadow on the wall

Shadow shadow on the wall,
Am I still happy?
Am I still sexy?
Gone through the darkness in life,
Trying my very best to be perfect,  
As I wanted to be

Shadow shadow on the wall,
Do I look pretty?
Do I sound silly?
After the years of struggles,
Trying very hard to remain the person
I suppose to be

I am sick of the way I am feeling,
There are shadows in my heart,
Follow me day and night

PS, I was told if we are in the darkness, we can’t see the shadow, because we see the  light, so we see the shadow…For other Shadow shots from around the world go HERE

2 Responses to "Shadow on the wall"

nana_ang_poppaphil (visit their site)

Great shadows, well done.

Hey Harriet (visit their site)

That's an awesome shadow shot! Thanks for joining in SSS. Have a great week!