Houses and bridge for weekend reflection

Weekend Reflections is hosted by James. There are more beautiful reflections captured by others from all different places. It is fun to kill time if you are bored at home and no place to go on this weekend.

6 Responses to "Houses and bridge for weekend reflection"

Sylvia K (visit their site)

Marvelous reflections and a terrific capture! Hope you have a great weekend!


michael bird (visit their site)

Well, I'm not bored and I do have places to go but I sure enjoy the virtual travels around the world. Tks for posting a little piece of Singapore, a place I would like to visit in the real world. But, till then, I'll have to rely on people like you. Tks again.

Carolyn Ford (visit their site)

Very beautiful reflections here and it appears to be a lovely city with lots of water.

Beth Niquette (visit their site)

Ah, that is lovely. Perfect for Weekend Reflections!

michael (visit their site)

Home photo shooting keeps you from being bored, especially when you have nice places like this to photograph.

'Tsuki (visit their site)

A la surface de l'eau troublée,
L'incertitude se fait jour au fil des nuées,
Et nous demeurons hésitants.

Belle photo !