One single impress: monument

Built in the memory of
Who are alive

Paying respect to the ancestors
With food, drinks, incense, Heaven money, 
Computer, hand phone  and more
Though they may have none of all these
When they are alive
Ghost festivals are celebrated for the live one

Built for the live ones
To remember debris of time

A note here for my beloved ones
No monument needed
No praying needed
Forget me if you can
When I am apart
To another world with peace and love

No more exit when the world full of peace and love
Appreciate live one when they are alive

PS, picture taken during the 7th month of Chinese calendar, people burns the paper and display the foods by the road side…This is a part of celebrating of Ghost Month. But I read from some reports that some of the unfilial children refuse to take care the parents when they are alive but having a big ceremony when they are gone…  

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